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The Co-Op offers the best in air rifles and air rifles ammo. We carry the top brands and guarantee quality and satisfaction. Check out the brands below and give us a call for all of your air rifle needs.

Crosman Corporation Air Rifles
Since 1992, Crosman Corporation has joined with Remington to make some of the top Air Guns in the country. After all their hard work, they are still on top of their game. Farmers Incorporated supports the full line of Crosman Air Rifles.

The Pulse R76
Its compact design, high capacity magazine and adjustable hop-up make the Pulse R76 ideal for any type of skirmish. The 375-round magazine has a rapid- feed dial to continuously feed BBs into the hungry motor and drive system, creating a high rate of fire. It has velocities of up to 375 fps and comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery and UL certified AC charger.

Air Rifle Ammunition
Game Face Airsoft Ammunition
- Game Face provides professional- grade airsoft ammunition. The Co-Op carries the Verdict High Precision Marker BB line. Game Face has produced the first ever MARKING airsoft ammunition, changing the game forever!

Verdict High Precision Marker BBS BIO WHITE - The seamless, precision-made Verdict Marker BBs are designed for skirmish-grade, high-end performance AEGs providing the accuracy you demand during conflict scenarios. Constructed of a solid core, and a non-toxic, water soluble, dry lubricant, the Verdict Marker BBs are available in both .20g and .25g, in orange or white.

Copperhead by Crosman - Copperhead, like Game Face, is another branch of Crosman.
They produce nothing but the best for airsoft rifles. The Copperhead line is the only line of copper coated premium bbs that The Co-Op carries.

Copperhead ammo 1500 count - Copper coated bbs offered in all calibers. These bbs are a steel shot bb offered for airsoft guns from the Crosman corporation.

Gamo Outdoor Airsoft Ammunition - Gamo is the world's largest manufacturer of airgun pellets. Their goal is to produce the most accurate air gun ammunition money can buy. To achieve this goal they use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Gamo pellets are consistently monitored to the strictest standards to ensure consistent shape and highest quality.

Gamo Round Tip BBs - This brand is a high performance lead bb said to be top of the line at Gamo.

The Co-Op carries nothing but the best, and would be happy to order any item from the Gamo line.

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