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The Co-Op offers the best in seeds. We carry the top brands and guarantee quality and satisfaction. Check out the brands below and give us a call for all of your seed needs.
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Seeds - Are packaged fresh every year!

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Contenders - The vigorous plant grows erect 1 1/2 feet high with dark green foliage. Pods measure around 7 by 1/2 inches and show a thick oval form, often curved, of a medium dark green color, stringless and fiberless. Seeds are large, kidney-shaped, a buff color and slightly mottled.

Dixie Butterpea, White - Tall vigorous plants grow 16 to 22 inches tall, making a sturdy rich dark green bush. The broad oval pods, slightly curved, grow 3 1/2 to 4 inches long and are usually well-filled. The pods bear normally 3 to 4 green tinted beans per pod.

Jackson Wonder - Pods measure 3 by 3/4 inches, flat to thick flat, a dark green color, with 3 or 4 small seeds. Plants grow 14 to 18 inches tall and spreading, with a glossy dark green foliage, hardy and prolific. Seeds are medium small, thick-flat, color a pale buff streaked at edible stage, becoming deep buff, mottled with purplish black.

Thorogreen - Pods measure 3 by 3/4 inches. Seeds are small, flat, light green color with green cotyledon. Plants grow 15 to 16 inches tall with glossy, green foliage.
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Detroit Dark Red - Exterior root, color dark red, shape globular, size 2 1/2 by 3 inches in diameter. Interior root dark red with faint zoning, quality tender, excellent table and canning variety. Tops are 12 to 15 inches long and glossy, dark green color. In the short top strain tops are 2 to 3 inches shorter.
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Hales Best - This type is an improved strain of the old original Hale's Best, and continues to be a leading selection for the market or home grower.

Hales Best Jumbo - Jumbo is a large oval fruited strain of Hale's Best suited to local markets because of the size. It weighs 5 to 6 lbs. and measures 7 by 6 inches. Melons are heavily netted with a distinct suture and the cavity is rather large. It exposes the same thick salmon flesh and excellent sweet flavor of the variety.

Honey Dew - This melon requires a long season and popular where climactic conditions are favorable. Well distributed as a market variety, most everyone is familiar with its sweet, juicy, distinct flavor. The smooth, hard fruits are measure 7 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches, creamy
white color outside and the inside flesh a light green.
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Champion - longer standing vates type, uniform vigorous darker blue-green 34 inch plant, high yields, holds longer without bolting, good hardiness, widely adapted.

Georgia - This is an old popular variety, growing 2 to 2 1/2 feet high and forming large, loose, blue-green, crumpled, spreading leaves. A frost, if not too severe, will improve rather than injure the quality of the leaves. Sow thickly in rows where the plants are to remain and when well started
- thin to 18 inches apart in the row, when large mature plants are required; otherwise, about 5 inches apart.
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Sweet G-90 -
• Bi-Color kernels are sugar sweet.
• Exceptionally tender and juicy.
• Developed especially for the home gardener.
• One week to ten days harvesting period.
• Freezes and cans well for home use.
• Cold resistant for early planting.

Merit - A long time favorite of many, for its clean plant and large ears with traditional corn flavor. Silks shed so easily, some call it "silkless corn." Yellow ears 8 to 8 1/2

Silver Queen - Size, sweetness and premium quality are guaranteed with this old-fashioned favorite. Ears are 8-9 inches long, each with 14-16 rows of creamy white kernels. Holds flavor longer than most hybrids. Leaf Blight Tolerant.

Trucker's Favorite Yellow - Yellow strain of the popular early-maturing Trucker's Favorite, 8-12 inch ears with 12-14 rows, use for early quick crop or for late planting.
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Black Beauty - The erect plant grows 24 - 30 inches tall and compact with large green leaves.
Bears 4-6 globular to oval fruits to the plant which are a smooth dark purple.
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Siberian Improved Kale - A vigorous, sprawling plant, growing 12 to 15 inches high and
bearing large coarse blue-green leaves with frilled edges.
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Buttercrunch - Dark green, medium rosette shaped plant with large blistered leaves. More heat tolerant and slower bolting than Bibb.
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Florida Broadleaf - Grows about 10 inches tall with large, thick, smooth, light green leaves, a toothed margin and broad greenish white mid-ribs.
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Clemson Spineless - A tall, prolific type, it grows erect to 4 or 4 1/2 feet high. It bears green, spineless, angular, ridged, uniform pods measuring at maturity 6 by 1 1/2 inches.

Cowhorn - Plants 6-7 ft tall, long slender ribbed and spined 10 - 12 inch medium-green pods, for home gardens and fresh market.

Emerald Green- Spineless velvet type, 6-9 ft tall plants. round smooth dark-green 7-9 inch pods, perfectly round cross-section, green-gray lightly lobed leaves, high quality
and yields even in North.
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Jack O'Lantern - Very uniform shape suited for jack o'lanterns as name implies. The round 8 by 8 inch fruits have a medium orange exterior with slight suture. Thick flesh is orange-yellow. Average weight is 10lbs.
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Sparkler White Tip - This attractive radish with a large white tip is popular for all purposes and planted most everywhere. Tops are medium in size, 5 - 6 inches, roots round, smooth and a scarlet-red. The clear, white flesh is crisp and tender.
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Dwarf Essex - produces an excellent economical fall and winter food plot. Planted at 5-15 lbs. per acre Rape is great for plowed ground forage for wildlife or livestock. Rape can also be overseeded in existing spring and summer food plots as they begin to decline in the early fall.  After overseeding a close mowing and fertilizer application is all that is needed to give the rape plants what they need to thrive.  Rape can be harvested or grazed every 30 days following a 75 day establishment period. Forage produced can contain 18-20% crude protein. Good cold tolerance makes harvesting or grazing late into the fall and winter an option.

Rape, also called colpa, colsa, colerape, tori, and chou oleifere, is a cool-season annual plant similar to turnip and rutabaga. Rape originated in northern Europe and was cultivated in the Mediterranean area. It is seldom found in Florida gardens and presently is of no commercial importance in the state. When grown, it has been observed to produce satisfactorily.
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Bloomsdale - Vigorous upright plant, dark-green fleshy deeply crumpled leaves.
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Early Summer Crookneck - Has a curved neck and is warted. This improved strain is slightly smoother, is light yellow, uniform and quite prolific bush type.
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Early Prolific Straightneck - Plants are prolific, a leafy, bushy type, bearing tapering fruit 10 inches long and 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter, in color a lemon-yellow, becoming more golden with maturity. The firm, tender, succulent flesh is a creamy yellow in color.
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Purple Top - The most popular general purpose variety. Roots are large, smooth, and globular
measuring 3 1/2 by 4 inches, white in color with purplish tinged red top. Flesh is white, tender
and crisp.
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Charleston Gray - Resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt. Fruits long; 22 - 40lbs each. Rind, gray; flesh red of good to excellent quality.
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Jubilee - Oblong fruit weighing from 25 - 40lbs. The tough rind is green with dark green stripes. Flesh is bright red. Resistant to fusarium wilt and anthracnose.
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Sugar Baby (icebox) - This splendid quality melon of the Ice Box type matures in about 75 days, size 8 by 8 1/2 inches, weight about 8lbs.
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Black Crowder Peas - Plants high bushy with pods at foliage level. Peas shelled
green have a deep purple cast, turning black when dry. Very prolific. Easy to shell.

Brown Crowder Peas - Bush type. Prolific yielder. Pods contain 12 - 15 peas closely bunched together. The heavy stemmed, branching plants grow about 28 inches tall. Green hull.

Dixielee - Bunch to semi-bunch sowing to soil fertility, mature light-yellow/green 8 inch pods, medium-small brown peas, two heavy crops per season, nematode resistant, high yields.

Mississippi Cream - A new type tolerant to Root Knot nematodes and most viruses.
7 inch pods, green to nearly white at green maturity, straw color when dry. Peas shell much easier if left overnight after picking. Peas are green turning to light cream when dry. Used fresh, frozen or canned. High yield.

Pinkeye Purple Hull - The pods are purple, seed cream color with a maroon eye, moderate in size. Resistant to Blackeye, Cowpea Mosaic Virus and Bacteria Virus Resistant. Good for home gardening and commercial production.

Top Pick Pinkeye - Pod color is a pale or light purple color. Plant height 18-26 inches tall depending on type of soil. Sandy soil will be shorter than good strong soil, fertilized and watered. Easy shelling. Good virus and disease tolerance.

Zipper Cream Pea - Large easy shelling cream pea with high yields great for fresh market or processing. Delicious flavor. A large creamy white pea with medium green pod, turns light straw color when dry. Plants are low bushy type.
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